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Car Stereo Audio Capacitors

Boss    DB Link    Lanzar    Legacy    Performance Teknique    Planet Audio
Power Acoustik    Pyle    Pyramid    Raptor    Rockford Fosgate    Sound Storm
Soundquest    Stinger pro    Streetwires    Xpress


Car Stereo Audio Capacitors-Power Capacitors-Stiffening Capacitors, boss, db link, lanzar, legacy, performance teknique, planet audio, power acoustik, pyle, pyramid, raptor, rockford fosgate, sound storm, soundquest, stinger pro, streetwires, xpress

If your lights dim with the beat, or your speakers start smoking without permission, or your CD skips a beat or two, your amplifier may be trying to use more fast energy than the electrical system can supply. Unfortunately, your car's electrical system is not thinking about the needs of your amplifier. Power is being robbed from your audio system by such trifling matters as the engine and lights. This may leave your amplifier hungry for power, and worse, delivering destructive distortion when it fails to get it.

In such cases, you may need to add a Stiffening Capacitor to your system. Before you do, however, we highly recommend that you visit our Technical Advice and Assistance Section, and check out the two pages that deal with capacitors: About Capacitors and How to Install a Capacitor. These pages explain what a capacitor does, how they work, what type and power capacitor you might need, and how to install the capacitor you eventually decide upon.

Once you have familiarized yourself with these technical matters, you can choose from assortments of Power Capacitors from several of the most respected capacitor manufacturers in all sizes and types. To do so, simply click on the brand name in the navigation bar above, or in the following list: Boss, DB Link, Lanzar, Legacy, Performance Teknique, Planet Audio, Power Acoustik, Pyle, Pyramid, Raptor, Rockford Fosgate, Sound Storm, Soundquest, Stinger Pro, Streetwires, and Xpress.

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